Reevuu Wrestling Camps

Reevuu Wrestling Camps Summer 2021

  • Two day Technique & Training camps with locations throughout the USA

  • Learn from some of the best Reevuu Wrestling Coaches on our platform

  • Featured Coaches include: World Team Member Nahshon Garrett, US National Team Member Mike Macchiavello, U23 US World Team Member David McFadden, 7X US Senior level All American Frankie Perrelli, 4X Big 10 Champion & NCAA Champion Nathan Tomasello, 2X NCAA All American Chad Walsh, 2X NCAA Finalist Bryce Meredith and MANY more!

  • Reevuu is an online platform that allows wrestlers to submit match video to our top coaches to have them break down, critique and analyze your performance to help you improve in your next competition. Interact and be coached by Reevuu's Top Coaches on an ongoing basis

  • It’s really simple, if you like the Coach that runs your Reevuu Camp, seek them out on the Reevuu App and have them continue to help you improve by sending match video throughout the year. The Coach will use the tools we have built into the app to provide an in-depth analysis of your match and give you instruction on how you can improve!

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